Sur la pointe du coeur
Through the walls of the heart

Anne Lévy-Morelle, Belgium, 2001, 35 mm, 90 minutes

What is there in common between
A medieval town,
Human life
And a hospital?

There are three enclosed spaces, of a certain size, into which one enters one day and from which one leaves after a certain time. That include discreet gates, hidden passages, stories, and also lessons to learn.

On the tip of the heart is an epic poem about birth and death, the main character of which is the Saint-Pierre Hospital, in the heart of Brussels.
It is a place of travel, a still and yet very distant journey.
The destination bears several names: the other, the elsewhere, the mystery, the dragon, the heart.
It also boils down to this ageless quest:

How to cross the walls?

  • Directed by: Anne Lévy-Morelle
  • Screenplay: Anne Lévy-Morelle
  • Photography: Anne Levy-Morelle
  • Sound: Ella van den Hove
  • Image editing: Jean-Jacques Quinet
  • Sound editing: Emmanuelle Dupuis
  • Subtitles: FR
  • Available formats: Beta Digital, Digital, DVD
  • With: Marie Trintignant
  • Production: SOKAN, DUNE, RTBF, ARTE, CBA
  • Coproduction: Avec l'aide du Centre du Cinéma et de l'Audiovisuel de la Communauté française de Belgique et des télédistributeurs wallons & de la Loterie Nationale.Avec la participation du Centre National de la Cinématographie et de la PROCIREP .Avec le soutien de la bourse « Brouillon d’un rêve » de la SCAM, de Bruxelles 2000, du Fonds du Cinéma de la Ville de Bruxelles.
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Sur la pointe du coeur

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