Güldem Durmaz

Güldem Durmaz, born in 1971, lives and works between Brussels, Istanbul and Paris.
Her work includes, and sometimes mixes, film-making, video installations, and live performances.
Her short fiction films, such as Şoför/Chauffeur (2001), and Koro (2002), have been selected and rewarded in numerous international festivals (Locarno, Venice, Saint-Petersburg, Amiens, Washington DC...)
She also conducts film and theatre workshops in Paris and Brussels.
In 2011, she directed Ben/O (I/him), an experimental documentary about Kurd transsexual artist Esmeray. She's currently working on a large-scale project that includes a feature-length documentary essay entitled Kazarken (As we dig), and a series of installations and performances.
Her work explores the connections between memory, language and cultural or transcultural identities, as she experiments with actors and non-actors, secret or invented languages, spaces and situations both real and oneiric.

2016 : Kazarken – As We Dig, documentary, 90’
2011 : Ben/O, documentary, 23’
2002 : Koro, fiction, 13’
2001 : Şoför, fiction, 17’


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