Amants d'assises (les)
Lovers on trial

Manu Bonmariage, Belgium, 1992, Format diffusion : 1.33 (SD), 52/86 minutes

Two lovers have loved each other so passionately that they have committed the irreparable crime of killing the jealous husband. They have known each other for hardly more than six months, during which they have tried to make good the emotional gaps of 35 years of life. In the euphoria of their love, he has sought freedom in blood. She has failed to see the crime coming. He has taken on this vengeful act of justice to protect her. He admits and then retracts. But hell will be played out in camera, in the cell, the police van, the corridors, the prison, the prison yard, the courthouse. The two lovers will have to separate, detest each other and continue to love each other in secret if possible. The next act will be to confront the jury, the press, the public, lawyers and the court during the trial. War breaks out. Everything is exposed here in public. The truth explodes in every direction, as witnesses give evidence and lawyers play their strategies. Will the two lovers become enemies ? Will this new chronical of a rejected love, filmed in live cinema, join the tragedies of antiquity ?

  • Directed by: Manu Bonmariage
  • Screenplay: Manu Bonmariage
  • Photography: Manu Bonmariage
  • Sound: Yvan Geeraerts
  • Image editing: Anne Claessens
  • Mixing: Jacques Clisse
  • Languages: FR
  • Available formats: Beta Digital, Digital
  • Production: WIP
  • Coproduction: RTBF Charleroi, Télévision suisse romande (RTSR), Azimut Production, WIP
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Amants d'assises (les)

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