Killing time

Lydie Wisshaupt-Claudel, Belgium France, 2015, HDV, Format diffusion : 1.77 (HDV 16:9), 89 minutes

Deep in the rocky Mojave desert lies a small military town named Twentynine Palms. Neighbouring a large Marine Corps base, it welcomes troops home all year long, coming back from Irak and Afghanistan. In leave or already back to training, these young men fill long hours by themselves, among brothers or during family time, in a surrounding with a powerful evocation of the war that is just behind them. This ordinary daily life, where war shows up with no warning, reveals to these men the painful feeling of being a stranger to their own life.

  • Directed by: Lydie Wisshaupt-Claudel
  • Screenplay: Lydie Wisshaupt-Claude
  • Photography: Colin Lévêque
  • Sound: Félix Blume
  • Image editing: Méline Vanaelebrouck
  • Sound editing: Rym Debbarh-Mounir
  • Mixing: Cyril Lauwerier
  • Languages: EN
  • Subtitles: FR
  • Available formats: DCP, Digital
  • Production: Les Productions du Verger (Belgique) & Cellulo Prod (France)
  • Coproduction: CBA
  • Coproduction workshop: CBA
  • Festival promotion:

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  • Sales (interlational distribution):

    Taskovski Films

  • CBA
  • Festival selections:

    Cinéma Vérité Teheran (Iran) 12/15
    Porto Post/Doc (Portugal) 12/15
    Ourense Film festival (Espagne) 11/15
    RIDM, Montréal (Canada) 11/15
    Mois du Doc, Bretagne (France) 11/15
    Filmer à Tout Prix, Bruxelles (Belgique) 11/15
    Margaret Mead Film Festival, New York (USA) 10/15
    Detour Festival, Padova (Italie) 10/15
    War On Screen, Châlons-en-Champagne (France) 09/15
    Zurich Film Festival (Suisse) 09/15
    DMZ International Documentary Film Festival, Paju (Corée) 09/15
    Milano Film Festival (Italie) 09/15
    Sarajevo Film Festival (Bosnie) 08/15
    Doc en Mai, Bordeaux (France) 05/15
    Cinéma du Réel (France) 03/15

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