Les lions
The Lions

Jean-Frédéric De Hasque, Belgium, 2016, HDV, Format diffusion : 1.77 (HDV 16:9), 90 minutes

Mourit, Andre Vincent and Joe are great leaders of the Lions Club, among them one is white. The director follows them in Benin and in Brazzaville in their clubs monitoring meetings. They occupy much of the good payment of dues to the strict observance of the protocol, the singing of the hymn, the uniforms. What is emerging through its meetings is the extraordinary motivation within the African Continent clubs. The goal is to become a continent Independent in the Lions Club International, by dispensing with the Indian and Lebanese guardianship, for that you need to recruit more members. This voluntary action becomes a national and pan-African challenge for African Lions are also economic and political actors in the foreground.
Through the creation of multiple Lions Club, major economic operators install "power over" and are considered by wizards in the population, as they impress strapped in their uniforms, body clad decorations. Members doing charitable acts have a status of "free benefactor" of benefactors, such as Senators of ancient Rome, one could describe their associative panafricanism a neoliberal reconquest initiated from the Lions Club.

  • Directed by: Jean-Frédéric De Hasque
  • Screenplay: Jean-Frédéric de Hasque
  • Photography: Jean-Frédéric de Hasque
  • Sound: Jean-Frédéric de Hasque
  • Image editing: Frédéric Fichefet
  • Sound editing: Thierry De Vries
  • Mixing: Thierry De Vries. Musique : Airem (Rachid Moro)
  • Languages: FR, EN
  • Subtitles: FR, EN
  • Available formats: DCP, Digital
  • Production: Michigan Films (Sébastien Andres)
  • Coproduction: CBA, Savage Films - (Tatjana Kozar)
  • Coproduction workshop: CBA
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Les lions


Africa, 2016

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