Aya Tanaka

Japanese, born in Tokyo in 1974, resident in Belgium since 1993.

After studying French at the University of Lille, she obtained a candidacy in psychology at the University of Liège and a bachelor's degree in information and communication "Cinematographic writing and analysis" at the academic grade at the Free University of Brussels.

Since September 2000 she has been a Japanese teacher at the Berlitz Language Center.

In 2002, she directed a short documentary "Interface" as part of the series of six short films "The space of solidarity" produced by J. Borzykowski of the Video Center of Brussels.

In 2004, she made the documentary "Harimano" for which she obtained in 2001, the price of the audiovisual workshops of the French Community for her scenario.

2002: Interface, 15 min, doc
2004: Harimano, 56 min, doc
2006: Dandelion seeds, 47 min, doc
2009: Fragrance of a distant flower, 77 min, doc
2012: Fresh water Salt water, 50 min, doc


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